The Democracy by Design Toolkit is being developed as part of the project Digital Europe 2030: Democracy by Design by Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft


Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft

Alliance of Democracies Foundation

Project Team

Alexandra Hunger, AHG, Project Lead Digital Europe 2030

Matthias Weber, AHG, Digital Europe 2030

Cornelius Adebahr, AHG Fellow, Digital Europe 2030

Christopher Büdeker, AHG, Digital Europe 2030


Nikolas Becker is head of the Politics and Science team at the Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. (GI).

Frederik Blachetta is the Chief Data Officer at Federal Chancellary Germany.

Aline Blankertz is an applied economist and currently works as a policy officer at Wikimedia Germany.

Olaf Böhnke is Berlin Director and Senior Advisor of the Alliance of Democracies Foundation.

Paula Cipierre leads privacy and data ethics at Palantir Technologies.

Adriana Groh is co-founder of the Sovereign Tech Fund.

Tobias D. Krafft is PhD student at the Algorithm Accountability Chair of Technical University Kaiserslautern and Managing Director of Trusted AI GmbH.

Wolfgang Oels is an industrial engineer with a doctorate in energy economics.

Clark Parsons is Executive Director of the Internet Economy Foundation.

Julia Reinhardt is Senior Fellow of Stiftung Mercator at the AI Campus Berlin.

Teresa Ritter works as a Senior Associate at the GovTech Campus Germany.

Steffen Staab is Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at the University of Stuttgart.

Felix Styma is Managing Partner of the strategy consultancy iconomy.

Theresa Züger is head of the AI & Society Lab at the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society.

The Toolkit is based on the participants' discussions and do not reflect their personal views or the opinions of their respective organisations.